desktop Compact Laser Welder 4

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The industry benchmark. Very powerful and so easy to use.
More than 20 years of dental laser welding techniques accumulated in a compact table unit. From delicate, detailed welding to secure joints, the desktop Compact laser can be used for all areas of application in dental prosthetics and orthodontics. The finely adjustable dosage makes welding so much easier and more precise. Until now, such compact machine footprint was not available in this laser high performance category. Simple and rapid machine operation prevents work fatigue.

  • extremely compact table top professional workhorse with infinitely variable adjustment
  • large clear and user friendly colour touchscreen
  • 60W high output reserve
  • ergonomically designed large working chamber with inclining laser axis
  • high quality microscope with a wide field of vision
  • integrated pulse forming 4 pre set pulse shapes
  • two inert gas nozzles, 1 x flexible and 1 x fixed retractable
  • large pulse adjustment range easy operation using joysticks
  • integrated extraction and cool air nozzle.
    Technical Data:
    • Power voltage 230 V
    • Max. power 60 W
    • Max. working height 180 mm
    • Pulse energy 50 J
    • Peak pulse output 7500 W
    • Pulse duration 0,5 ms - 20 ms
    • Pulse shaping 4 pre-set pulse shapes
    • Weight 50 kg
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 510 mm x 430 mm x 645 mm
    • Pulse frequency single pulse - 25 Hz
    • Lighting 2 x 20 W Halogen
    • Argon nozzle 1 x flexible, 1 x fixed retractable
    • Microscope stereo microscope with 16x magnification
    • Extraction integrated with suspended particle filter
    • Power frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
    • Welding spot diameter 0.2 - 2.0 mm, infinitely variable motorized adjustment
    • Air nozzle integrated in welding chamber
    • Filling quantity 4.5 l
    • Memory settings 39
    • Protective gas Argon 99.996 % (Argon 4.6)