We are very proud of our very significant contribution to dentistry, for more than 135 years! 

When the Swiss dental technician Arnold Biber placed an advertisement announcing the opening of his laboratory in Pforzheim Germany in October 1886, no one could have forseen that this was the start of a dental company with operations all over the world.

For well over a century, Dentaurum has grown from its origins as a simple dental laboratory to a dental company with operations worldwide. The secret of our success is our passion for the best possible products, close contact with our customers and our keen interest in innovations that lead to the development of a vast array of additional new products, services support, and tuition.

As an owner-managed family company in it's fourth generation, we are independent and flexible and we are in a position to respond quickly in a focused manner to market changes. This establishes a secure base for the continued success of the Dentaurum Group and our customers. We continuously invest in new technologies and optimising our processes to economise on valuable resources.

We have always placed the very highest possible priority on the quality of our products from the purchase of raw materials to the finished, packaged product. In order to ensure this with the utmost consistency, we engineer, develop and manufacture in our own products in Germany.

With highly qualified employees, our apprenticeship and training schemes, continuing research and development and professional management team we strive to continually improve our position in the face of international competition. 


Dentaurum  Australia

Dentaurum Australia (a direct subsidiary of Dentaurum GmbH & Co. KG, in Germany) operates under the same guidelines as our parent company and to that, we add local excellence in customer service, advice and support. Some of our history and milestones are below:

2022 -  Automation.

Our 30-year anniversary saw the implementation of a semi- automated customer relationship management platform. This has greatly improved customer contact and delivery address records, preferences and accuracy. Also commenced partner co-operative case studies to assist in the promotion of our partner companies, their skills, products, and services. A refresh of the online store was also conducted to improve page width, image clarity and search functionality. 


2020 -  eCommerce.

Launch of the first local web store. Offering our customers an intuitive, effective 'on demand' shopping experience for product research, order, delivery and payments.


2019 -  Technology investment.
Further investments made in ICT technologies for improved workflow and data integration in preparation for the next phase of Dentaurum's awarded customer service levels.

2017 -  Switch to 'Green'.
In late 2017, a significant investment was made to reduce the carbon footprint of our Sydney office.  A solar power system was fitted to reduce the reliance on grid power, reduce operational costs and importantly, to reduce greenhouse emissions. The environmental benefit of this is an effective reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2 / Carbon dioxide) of approximately 10.8 tones per annum. In addtion, both the office and warehose facilities moved to recycle the majority of paper and cardboard materials for the purposes of reboxing and packaging. 

2014 -  Company expansion.
The growth of the business saw new investments in both warehousing and automation technologies to further improve service delivery.

2004 -  Moved to Mortlake (Sydney) NSW.
The Rydalmere building was sold, with the business moving to larger building at 18 Bertram St Mortlake.

1998 -  Dentaurum Australia Pty Ltd expanded operations.
In order to expand the business, Dentaurum Australia started to market its products to new customers in New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

1994 -  Moved to Rydalmere NSW.
To cope with increasing sales, the building at 16 Bridge St, Rydalmere, NSW was purchased.

1992 -  Foundation of Dentaurum Australia Pty Ltd.
Dentaurum Germany founded Dentaurum Australia Pty Ltd in Epping, NSW.